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Our Musings | Rett's Roost - Part 2

Our Musings

Jim and Deana’s Blog – From Darkness comes Light

After losing Rett to a malignant rhabdoid tumor of the liver and lungs on 2/22/15, we became committed to finding peace behind the pain. It feels like the only way to get over the loss. We want to remain a part of the childhood cancer community.



When Suffering Empowers

About one year ago, we found Everett’s cancer in his liver. There were no signs of him having a health issue, until one day, I noticed his belly seemed hard and he was strangely inconsolable. We found out the type of cancer, a malignant rhabdoid tumor, is one of the rarer and most aggressive cancers… Read more »


Creating Rett’s Legacy

Welcome to the Rett’s Roost blog! We know it’s a little light on content, but rest assured (Rett’s assured?), we’ll be working hard to cull a cornucopia of content—stories and observations, research articles and studies, the funny, heartwarming, and everything in between. If you haven’t already, do be sure to peruse our website, and learn… Read more »