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Rett's Roost Volunteer


Volunteers are the backbone to most non-profit organizations. For our inaugural year we will be relying heavily on all the wonderful people that have reached out in support of Rett’s Roost.

Please let us know if you have time to spare and skills to share. We are specifically looking for the following folks for our retreats and operations:

Social workers specializing in illness and grief
Offer counseling or heart healing programs at our retreats

Help Jim in the kitchen washing, chopping, stirring, tasting at one of our retreats

We hope to have art therapy at our retreats and we also are looking for artwork to be donated to our auction in September

Music therapy is another offering we hope to utilize at our retreats. We also could use a musician or band at each of our fundraisers

Massage Therapists & Energy Workers
Offer massages for parents and interested teens at our retreats

Graphic Designers
Help us create eye-catching flyers, social media posts, and merchandise

Task Masters
If you’re want to help but not sure how, we need those who can do-it-all!

Create your own Fundraiser
Check out our Fundraise page to find out how you can help raise money for us.

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, The Superhero 5K, took place on Sept 18th in North Hampton, NH. We hope to do it again next year!

If you have one of the above listed skills and extra time to share, please contact Deana Cavan, Rett’s mom, at